Change Docker Data Folder Path

On a new install of Docker, it sets the data folder path to /var/lib/docker. That’s good for most use cases however I had to setup docker on a server with an external NFS mounted storage. After trying out a few of the older methods which were too cumbersome or didn’t work, I stumbled on a newer approach that suited my needs. Below are the instructions I used to get it to work.

USB to TTL connection to Raspberry Pi

I got curious about the Raspberry Pi serial connection recently so went about getting it to work on mine. It’s mostly for fun but I can see the benefit when I want to find out the IP address of my Pi without having a monitor and keyboard on hand. Plus, I this would benefit the classes I plan on running as I may not have extra monitor and keyboard for the classes.

Enable I2C OLED on Raspberry Pi 3B+

I managed to find my I2C OLED display when I was cleaning up my place. As I currently have a S3 storage cluster project ongoing, I figured now would be a great time to get it working so I can attach an OLED display to each of the Raspberry Pis so I can get their status on a glance. Below are the steps I used to get it working on Rasbian Lite.

ArchLinux OpenSSH Entropy

A new install of ArchLinux on my Qotom went fine until I enabled the SSH server and rebooted it. I had an issue whereby I could not remotely connect to the SSH server until I logged in the first time. After doing some reading online, I saw on a forum someone mentioning the SSH server is probably lacking sufficient entropy to start. So I tried it on my Arch install and voila, it worked.

The Necronomicon Gamebook : Dagon

About 2 months ago, I pledged for a Kickstarter called The Necronomicon Gamebook : Dagon, which is essentially a game book where you encounter first hand the horrors as told by H. P. Lovecraft himeself. This game book is an adaptation of The Cthulhu Mythos: Dagon, The Festival and The Hound with a Dreamlands section in the book with extracts from The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. Overview The digital version of the book was released to the Backers yesterday and I had some time to go through the materials.

Operators RPG

I recently purchased an RPG called The Operators that lets you play as Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne in a techno-spythriller. It was on Kickstarter in November 2017 by Samjoko Publishing, which I did not participate in however I came across it recently when I was checking out new RPGs out in the wild. The author, Kyle Simons is best known for his previous game, Worlds in Peril for bringing the comic book world to life that was based on the Apocalypse World system.

Recover Archlinux Kernel

My recent kernel upgrade for my ArchLinux server failed because my /tmp folder was full and the package manager couldn’t use the /tmp folder to build the necessary modules and tools. Despite knowing this, I decided to reboot the server anyway and that’s when I saw the dreaded kernel panic message making my server completely unusable. However, I knew my data was still safe on the server, it just couldn’t boot up so I did what any geek would do, I decided to fix it.