Chronicles over Roll20

Today I tried a second session of using the Chronicles of Darkness system to play in a Roll20 session of Cthulhu Chronicles Malaysia. I was the guinea pig in experimenting this since both myself and the Storyteller have been out of RPG-ing for almost 6 months. It was really great to be able to get a reintroduction to the rules again and getting to experience an RPG set in Malaysia.

The premise of the setting was a Tired Businessman taking time off from his hectic life who went for a fishing expedition in Cherating, Pahang. There he met several other people who were going on the same expedition. At night, they left the chalet and went to a floating wooden platform . Once we reached there, all hell broke loose. Without spoiling anything, I was the remaining survivor of the entire ordeal and I now know the truth that lurks in the depths of the South China Sea.