Site Migration, Again

My previous site was running on Tumblr for these past few months and it worked well for the most part. Recently, I was given space on another hosted server and figured why not just move my site over. My initial requirements were that whichever platform I chose MUST support Markdown. I REALLY love Markdown as it simplifies the creation of contents with the necessary formatting without needing to remember complex parameters.

As I was looking at options, it dawned on me that I don’t need a platforms like Ghost or Drupal since this is more of a knowledge repository for myself. Hence my focus shifted to static websites but I had no plans on writing the layout by hand. I’m familiar with static site generators and I do love them for the following reasons

  • Speed - since there are no pre-processing that needs to be done, the site is rendered blazingly fast.
  • Security - no exploits to leverage on, no backdoors to get into the hosting server.
  • Dynamic content display - with the profileration of Angular, React and Vue, dynamic content can be added and sites respond to users on the front-end level instead of backend servers.
  • Version control - I can push my site to a Git server and have it deployed on a live server almost instantaneously. If anything goes wrong, I just revert to the last good version and the site is back in business. Now some platforms like Drupal do offer the ability to version control your content but not all platforms do.
  • Low requirements - static sites can be deployed on really low hardware or hosting thus saving money.
  • Less hassle with server setup - No need to setup Nginx or Apache as a proxy to a PHP process, no need to worry about server optimization, no need to tune the database.

Now I’m not saying static sites are for everyone and for those working on teams, they are better of served by using Ghost or Drupal as it allows people to collaborate on real-time content. For some technically able teams, static sites can be a boon by combining their workflow with Git however for others, life is much easier using other platforms.

I’ve decided to go with Hugo for my static site mostly because it’s written in Go and I’m a HUGE fan of Go. Plus they had some really neat themes which means I don’t have to worry about how to build a nice looking site.

Enjoy your stay. Cheers!!!