Run Linux Commands on Windows

Got your attention didn’t it ;). Hahaha. I do work with Windows 10 occasionally, especially when I’m guiding my interns with their tasks. Seeing them suffer with the default Windows Command Prompt made me wonder if there was a better replacement and after a little bit of Googling, the interns and myself found a nice little replacement. The benefit of this replacement is that it lets you

  • run some Linux commands on Windows i.e. ls, cat, vi, ssh, ssh-keygen, git and may more.
  • fully portable, just copy the folder with your config to a USB Drive and you have your personalized Command Prompt that can run on any Windows 10.
  • offers tabs.

Another nice aspect is to create an alias all you have to do is, once Cmder is running, type

  • alias command=some_command --with --parameters This creates a new alias AND it gets added to your list as well. Cool isn’t it. Interestingly, you don’t need to surround the alias with quotes(“) like you do in Linux as well. Go figure.

This nifty little tools is called Cmder which offers 2 download options

  • mini version
    • alternative command prompt with the standard DOS/Windows WITH tab completion.
    • comes up to about 6MB.
  • full version
    • the full shebang of Linux/DOS/Windows commands WITH tab completion.
    • comes up to about 84MB zipped OR 42MB 7zipped.

Just download your preferred choice, extract it, and run Cmder.exe. It will do some setup on first run then you’ll be presented with the following screen

Cmder running on Windows 10

Now, you can just copy the whole Cmder folder to a USB Drive to carry around with you and enjoy the goodies on any Windows 10 machine. Hope this benefits someone. Cheers!