Onlink 0.2.5 - Uplink: Hacker Elite mod

Once there was this game called Uplink: Hacker Elite which let you play as a hacker working for a worldwide company providing work for hackers. You gain money to improve your software, hardware, skills and you can either get involved in the storyline or ignore it completely. The game is reminiscent of Hollywood style hacking like those in Hackers or Swordfish. Overall it was a fun game.

If you’re interested, you can purchase Uplink: Hacker Elite directly from GOG or Steam. A few years ago, the source code for this game was released a bunch of people got together to create a community mod for this game which is called Onlink. This version is free and it is being actively maintained. Below is the download link for Onlink version 0.2.5

The community forum for Onlink is available at Ferrous Moon.

Enjoy the game :grin: