Fast Forward

It’s been 8 months since I last posted anything on my site. Plenty of things have changed over this time period but such is life. Life is full of experiences with its own ups and down but we pave ahead to the unknown with the memories of the past.

I am now working again on X.1255 - Framework for discovery of identity management information, a usage of Digital Object Architecture (DOA) that was created by Robert Kahn, one of the founding fathers of the Internet. This time the collaboration is more even and sustainable and I’m stoked and excited to see what new solutions I can derive. There is an upcoming event end of this year I hope to showcase my own personal project built using DOA.

This year I’m taking time off from doing any Maker related things to get a breather so there won’t be many articles on Raspberry Pi and such though I am working on a means to describe IoT objects so stay tuned for that in a future article. Aside this, blockchain is another area I am getting involved in which means it’s time to dust off my old notes on blockchain and implement my own version to get a better understanding of the technology which I can then apply to future ideas and projects.

On another note, I’ve started back gaming into Warhammer 40K with the release of Kill Team end of July. Kill Team is a wonderful game for any newcomers to get into as it is skirmish based and small sized, hence it’s afforable. Most of my pictures from Kill Team will be available on my Instagram for viewing.