Archlinux Wireless

UPDATED 26 July 2019: Changed Security type of wireless to enable roaming.

Just got one of my Raspberry Pi Zero W installed with ArchLinux ARM for my projects. Once it was up and running using the guide at ArchLinux Arm I had to configure wireless for it. Below are the instructions I used to get it working using systemctl.

  1. Copy the examples wireless template from /etc/netctl/examples/wireless-wpa to /etc/netctl/wireless

    cp etc/netctl/examples/wireless-wpa /etc/netctl/wireless
  2. Edit /etc/netctl/wireless to change the wireless information

    • Security=wpa to enable wireless roaming.
    • ESSID to your WiFi SSID.
    • Key to your WPA Key.
    • Priority (optional) to set preference. Higher number is given preference over lower numbers.
  3. Save and quit this file.

  4. Start the profile

    netctl start wireless
  5. Try to ping to an external host or to your local gateway to ensure everything works fine.

  6. If everything works, enable the profile on system startup.

    netctl enable wireless

There you have it, getting wireless to work on an Archlinux Raspberry Pi. Happy connecting! :smile: