Once my ArchLinux Raspberry Pi was up and running with the wireless connection, I now configured to do roaming profiles. Since I will be using this Raspberry Pi in a few locations, having them connect to different wireless networks is a must. The steps to get roaming working is as follows

  1. Using the instructions from wireless, create as many profiles as you want however, DO NOT start or enable any of the proiles. Just create them with the necessary information. Ensure to set the correct priority you would like should 2 networks be in the same vicinity.

  2. Install wpa_actiond to manage the WPA information

    pacman -Syu wpa_actiond
  3. Enable netctl-auto. Make sure to get the correct WiFi interface, typically on the Raspberry Pi is wlan0 but double check the interface.

    systemctl enable netctl-auto@wlan0.service

That’s all you need to do to get roaming to work. Reboot your Pi and you’ll see it connect automatically to the networks you have configured. Happy connecting :-D