Fast Forward

It's been 8 months since I last posted anything on my site. Plenty of things have changed over this time period but such is life. Life is full of experiences with its own ups and down but we pave ahead to the unknown with the memories of the past. I am now working again on X.1255 - Framework for discovery of identity management information, a usage of Digital Object Architecture (DOA) that was created by Robert Kahn, one of the founding fathers of the Internet.

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Site Migration, Again

My previous site was running on Tumblr for these past few months and it worked well for the most part. Recently, I was given space on another hosted server and figured why not just move my site over. My initial requirements were that whichever platform I chose MUST support Markdown. I REALLY love Markdown as it simplifies the creation of contents with the necessary formatting without needing to remember complex parameters.

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I’ve got my stories published in this chapbook that can be freely downloaded from Lulu. This was part of a 1Minute Story initiative that ran in Penang from November 2016-January 2017. I had an excellent time writing these stories and seeing them published is really exciting especially since I never saw myself as an author. My stories in the chapbook are Watching Life Pass You By Time Being Precious Cargo The other stories by the other authors are great fun to read as well.

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