Recover Archlinux Kernel

My recent kernel upgrade for my ArchLinux server failed because my /tmp folder was full and the package manager couldn’t use the /tmp folder to build the necessary modules and tools. Despite knowing this, I decided to reboot the server anyway and that’s when I saw the dreaded kernel panic message making my server completely unusable. However, I knew my data was still safe on the server, it just couldn’t boot up so I did what any geek would do, I decided to fix it.

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Archlinux MDNS

Once all the necessary configuration for ArchLinux ARM is up and running, it’s time to access it over the network. Since I’m on an DHCP network, its best if I can access the Pi without needing to know the IP in advance. This is where mDNS comes in useful. mDNS in short allows you to resolve the name of your machine without needing a nameserver or extra domain. Just by appending .

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Delete all Git commits

For some reason or another, there may come a time when you want to completely remove all previous commits to start afresh from a Git repository without wanting to delete and recreate it. The following are the instructions to keep the files but remove all commits history. Change to the repository directory. Checkout the current code to a new branch because you cannot delete the branch you are on. Add all the files.

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When you SSH into a remote server, sometimes you might get the following error when you try to run certain commands -bash: warning: setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change locale (UTF-8) Fixing this is easy. Just perform the following steps Make sure the correct locale is available. vi /etc/locale.gen find the line that says #en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 and uncomment it by removing the leading #. Save and quit the file. Execute sudo locale-gen to generate the locales.

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Any Linux user or administrator will have had files they need to delete that are no longer needed after a certain amount of time has elapsed. I’ve certainly had to delete various files and logs that are taking up unnecessary space on my servers so I found a way to remove them. I run this every day via a cron job to do the necessary cleanup. Below is the command that I use to delete files older than X days

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Found the image above from another site. Loved the design and I wanted to use it. I DO NOT own the copyright for the above image I really like the automatic password generation on OSX and I decided to modify my existing command line password generation script to output passwords just like OSX. Below are the steps I used to create the script for generating random passwords in the commandl ine.

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