Developers all over are familiar with the various Version Control systems available. Most developers would have used SVN, Git or Visual SourceSafe over the years at work or personally. The most popular Version Control service, GitHub has thousands of users and repositories available. Just ask yourself if Made a change to code, realised it was a mistake and wanted to revert back? Lost code or had a backup that was too old?

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Anyone with a sprawling collection of e-books know that managing them manually can be a real pain. It's even more so of a pain when you want to share the books with others or load them up to your devices. Sure you can load them up on iTunes and transfer it to your iPad but that won't work with an Android device. I have a spare Raspberry Pi with an old HDD so I figured why not just set up a digital library so I can load up my novels, magazines, RPG manuals, game rulebooks to my devices over the WiFi.

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