I got curious about the Raspberry Pi serial connection recently so went about getting it to work on mine. It’s mostly for fun but I can see the benefit when I want to find out the IP address of my Pi without having a monitor and keyboard on hand. Plus, I this would benefit the classes I plan on running as I may not have extra monitor and keyboard for the classes.

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ArchLinux OpenSSH Entropy

A new install of ArchLinux on my Qotom went fine until I enabled the SSH server and rebooted it. I had an issue whereby I could not remotely connect to the SSH server until I logged in the first time. After doing some reading online, I saw on a forum someone mentioning the SSH server is probably lacking sufficient entropy to start. So I tried it on my Arch install and voila, it worked.

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Recover Archlinux Kernel

My recent kernel upgrade for my ArchLinux server failed because my /tmp folder was full and the package manager couldn’t use the /tmp folder to build the necessary modules and tools. Despite knowing this, I decided to reboot the server anyway and that’s when I saw the dreaded kernel panic message making my server completely unusable. However, I knew my data was still safe on the server, it just couldn’t boot up so I did what any geek would do, I decided to fix it.

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