Activate Swap on Archlinux for Raspberry Pi

I’m working on a new project involving a Raspberry Pi Zero W running ArchLinux ARM. The Pi Zero W, being with only 512MB RAM is having issues performing a task I need that must be done in memory using the vendors command line app. I could rewrite the vendor’s app to be able to run on the 512MB RAM but I’m keeping that for the future. Aside this, there might be other apps that need a little more RAM.

Archlinux Wireless with Roaming Profiles

UPDATED 26 July 2019: Wireless roaming is now easier and this guide has been updated to reflect the changes. Once my ArchLinux Raspberry Pi was up and running with the wireless connection, I now configured to do roaming profiles. Since I will be using this Raspberry Pi in a few locations, having them connect to different wireless networks is a must. The steps to get roaming working is as follows

Archlinux MDNS

Once all the necessary configuration for ArchLinux ARM is up and running, it’s time to access it over the network. Since I’m on an DHCP network, its best if I can access the Pi without needing to know the IP in advance. This is where mDNS comes in useful. mDNS in short allows you to resolve the name of your machine without needing a nameserver or extra domain. Just by appending .

Archlinux Reset Raspberry Pi Keyring

After installing ArchLinux ARM on my Raspberry Pi Zero W and getting the wireless up and running, I reset my keyring using pacman-key --init because pacman told me so. However, this messed up my entire keyring for ARM packages and nothing could get it working again. After some Googling, I found a solution provided by some kind soul who encountered a similar problem. The command to fix your keyring for ArchLinux ARM is

Archlinux Wireless

UPDATED 26 July 2019: Changed Security type of wireless to enable roaming. Just got one of my Raspberry Pi Zero W installed with ArchLinux ARM for my projects. Once it was up and running using the guide at ArchLinux Arm I had to configure wireless for it. Below are the instructions I used to get it working using systemctl. Copy the examples wireless template from /etc/netctl/examples/wireless-wpa to /etc/netctl/wireless cp etc/netctl/examples/wireless-wpa /etc/netctl/wireless Edit /etc/netctl/wireless to change the wireless information

Fast Forward

It’s been 8 months since I last posted anything on my site. Plenty of things have changed over this time period but such is life. Life is full of experiences with its own ups and down but we pave ahead to the unknown with the memories of the past. I am now working again on X.1255 - Framework for discovery of identity management information, a usage of Digital Object Architecture (DOA) that was created by Robert Kahn, one of the founding fathers of the Internet.

Block Advertisements, Trackers & Malware using Pi Hole

I recently got myself a small form factor PC as a server to experiment with Virtual Machines & Docker. My priority was to get something small and didn’t consume too much power. I found a neat little box and have migrated most of my services from the Raspberry Pi to this new server. I’ve finally retired my trusty Raspberry Pi running Archlinux of over 3 years and this new mini pc has become my new home server.